Beauty and the Beast- A Gold-Digger’s Tale as Old as Time

Written by: SDP

Has anyone noticed that Belle refuses the advances of a conceded, physically violent, verbally abusive, PEASANT,

who imprisoned her father in a misguided attempt to win her affection,

only to fall for the conceded, physically violent, verbally abusive spoiled RICH PRINCE,


who imprisoned her father


and used it as leverage against Belle in a misguided attempt to win her affection?


Does anyone else see the difference?

I do.

Belle is a gold digger. Plain and simple.


She doesn’t despise Gaston for all of his bad traits.

She despises him because he is poor and marrying him would mean staying a peasant in a poor provincial town.


She wants more.

More books,

more dresses

more fancy ballrooms and parties.

She wants adventure and she can’t get that with a poor, albeit generally popular, jock from the village she grew up in. She needs someone with money and the Beast is rank with it.

You say selfless act of “saving” her father, I say selfish little minx that grew up with everything handed to her because of her looks and now she’s gonna bat her eyes at the owner of this castle…

no matter how old and decrepit he is, or in this case, no matter what type of a beast he may be.

The color of your dress suits you, Belle.


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